Our New Home: Your Questions Answered

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions on our Virtual Tour page. We have reviewed, collated and responded to the most frequently asked questions below.


How to Renew or Purchase a Membership

  • Accessing your Account

    If you are a member of one of the priority groups (2019/20 Season Ticket holder or Castle Club member) you must ensure you are logged into the account with your membership to be able to access the priority window.

    For guidance on accessing your online account please visit our FAQs page How do I access my Account Online?. If you need any further assistance with accessing the correct account, please get in touch with the Customer Services team here.

  • Purchasing a Season Ticket Membership

    To purchase your 2021/22 Edinburgh Rugby Season Ticket Membership, please visit our Online Ticket Centre where you will be able to select your seats from the interactive map.

    Information on stands and seating categories can be found here and you can take a virtual tour of the new stadium to familiarise yourself with the ground.

    The easiest way to renew or purchase your membership is online however if you require wheelchair spaces or accessible seating, please contact the Customer Services team directly on 0131 378 1600 (option 2) to purchase your Season Ticket Membership.

  • Assigning Season Ticket Memberships

    All Season Ticket Memberships should be in the name of the Season Ticket Holder to ensure we have all the correct information on those attending our games.

    To make this process as straightforward as possible, you can purchase as many Season Ticket Memberships as required and the Ticket Centre will then contact the lead purchaser to re-assign the tickets to the correct people.

  • Paying for Season Ticket Memberships

    You can pay by card, Direct Debit or use any existing Account credit (check the next question for further detail on this.

  • Using Account Credit

    If you chose the account credit option from your 2019/20 Season Ticket, you will be able to use any remaining credit towards your 2021/22 Season Ticket Membership.

    When you log into your Season Ticket account online, you will be able to see your total credit in the notifications box on your homepage. You must be in the correct account to access your credit – this will be the account which your 2012/20 Season Ticket was under.

    To use your credit towards your 2021/22 Season Ticket Membership purchase, you must select ‘Account’ as a method of payment at the checkout stage.

    If you are purchasing on behalf of family or friends who have ticket credit in their account, you must add them to My Network and ask them to grant you privileges to Manage tickets by logging into their own network. Please see more information on network privileges here.

    This can only be done online; the Customer Services team will not be able to use another member’s credit to purchase Season Ticket Memberships on your account. We would encourage you to log in and set up your network privileges prior to the sale day.

  • Direct Debit

    Purchase or renew your Season Ticket Membership by Monday 19 July to take advantage of our Direct Debit scheme and pay for your Season Ticket in four manageable monthly instalments, or if you miss that deadline you can still take advantage of a three instalment plan if you buy by Thursday 19 August.

    The Direct Debit payment dates for the 2021/22 season will be:
    Tuesday 3 August
    Friday 3 September
    Tuesday 5 October
    Wednesday 3 November

Season Ticket Memberships - Upgrades

Following a successful start to Season Ticket Membership sales for the inaugural season in our new home, we announce that a small number of tickets were released back to the club, which allowed us to offer a limited number of upgrades for both Cat 3 and Cat 2 members

  • Who can get an upgrade?

    Upgrades are available to Season Ticket Members that purchased during the presale period to upgrade their seats from Cat 3 to Cat 2 or from Cat 2 to Cat 1.

  • How can I upgrade my membership(s)?

    The Ticketing Team will be in touch directly with those who are eligible for an upgrade.

    You will be sent a form to register your interest in an upgrade.The deadline for doing this is 5pm Wednesday 7 July.

    If you are successful, you will be contacted by a member of the Ticketing Team from Thursday 8 – Thursday 15 July.

  • How many upgrades are available?

    A limited number of Cat 1 and Cat 2 tickets have become available.



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