Willy Barr this week's Local Hero!

Willy Barr this week's Local Hero!

When we eventually move on from this period of COVID-19 caused uncertainty, we'll undoubtedly look back with appreciation and hand out honours to those who made the biggest different in their communities during a time of need.

In the case of Willy Barr - this week's It's Good 2 Give Local Hero - he will no doubt be named as the new King of Leith for his efforts in co-ordinating the delivery of freshly prepared meals to young families and pensioners across the city.

Barr - who manages the Citadel Youth Centre in the heart of Leith - has run the initiative since the beginning of lockdown and as of last week has co-ordinated 5,020 meals prepared by Bia Bistrot and delivered by the kind volunteers of the Youth Centre and nearby Leith Rugby Club.

Combined with his work at the Youth Centre, Barr has also managed to help with resources for school work, including the distribution of toys, games and puzzles to keep everyone busy during this time of difficulty.

Willy radiates positivity and friendliness throughout his work and keeps his volunteers highly motivated through his appreciation and happy-go-lucky demeanour.

Leith Rugby Club Captain, Jamie Drummond, has assisted Willy in his efforts during lockdown and speaks highly of his contributions to the Edinburgh community during this time of need.

“We at Leith Rugby have been very fortunate to work along with Willy and his amazing Citadel team as part of their meal delivery initiative," said Jamie.

"Willy is always showing his gratitude to his volunteers and keeps his team highly motivated throughout the week with his positivity!

"I know he is a hero to many, young and old around Edinburgh. Leith Rugby look forward to working more with Willy and all the kids of Citadel in the near future. Exciting times ahead!”

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