The King of Dunfy

The King of Dunfy

Club centurion Fraser McKenzie today hangs up his boots under medical guidance, bring an end to a 15-year journey that started in his hometown of Dunfermline, moved south to England and finished back at his boyhood team, Edinburgh Rugby.

The lock - who amassed 119 appearances in the Scottish capital - leaves a lasting legacy that will forever see McKenzie remembered as 'The King of Dunfy' - a true Embra legend who never failed to give 100% in everything he did.

To get a measure of the man that today calls time on his career, we caught up with those who know him best - his teammates.

Grant Gilchrist

"My earliest memories of big Fraz are from when I first joined the academy back in 2009. He was exactly the same off the pitch as he is today, but on the pitch he’s definitely mellowed a bit as he’s got older!

"He was always a huge help to me back then and I remember him keeping me right the first time I got to play for the club in a pre-season game against London Irish.

"I’ve had the pleasure of sitting next to big Fraz in the changing room since he rejoined the club and spent most of that time laughing! He was always the centre of any pranks but would always swear on his life 'honestly it wiznae me' - which became a bit of a catchphrase.

"Funny memories from on the pitch are probably how much he’d worry about stuff while we were playing. I remember him saying to me in a scrum when playing against Glasgow 'aw no man, I’m gona get hammered for that on Monday' and me being like: Fraz there’s 20 minutes to go in the game!

"As much as I loved the laughs and funny moments through the years, my best memories of Fraz on the pitch were of the player and teammate he was on the field. Highlights were his year as captain in 2017/18. He was outstanding and we made the play-offs in the league and other big wins like Toulon away the following season.

"Big Fraz, it’s been an absolute pleasure. I know all the boys are gutted you're retiring and you’re really going to be missed by us all next year, but hopefully we’ll be able to encourage you to come over the bridge to catch up every now and again! Good luck with the next chapter pal!"

Hamish Watson

"I missed Fraz in his first stint at the club, so when he was on his way back I’d just heard the stories. They didn’t disappoint, he’s such a genuine guy and one of the funniest lads in the changing room.

"He’s such a great laugh and is a big prankster, but he can also take it. Always ready with his boots on an hour before training.

"I'll never forget when he and Bergy did some boxing as part of training and we used the the boys as a ring. 'One minute, go for it', normally you would expect boys to hold back... but the king of Dunfy absolutely went for it!

"Fraz, you have been a wise man in the changing room for years, with many stories of your wheeling and dealing. I’m sure you will thrive in the real world and look forward to hearing about it. Take care bud, we'll miss having you around!"

Ben Toolis

"I first met Fraz in 2014 when he re-joined the club. My first memory of fraz was his sun bed tan. He loved a good tan!

"I couldn’t speak more highly of Fraz. A great player that always gave you his all and worked tremendously hard. He always had the boys back on the pitch and always went to battle for his teammates.

"We played a lot together in 2016 and we complimented each other very well. That season was one of the most enjoyable seasons of my career so far, so I thank him for that. I always had a great partnership with Fraz in the second row and always enjoyed packing down with him.

"Off the pitch is where Fraz really stood out. He is one of the funniest blokes you will ever meet. Fraz was always welcome to any conversation because we knew it would end up being a good laugh.

"He was usually getting stuck in to and winding up Nathan Fowles, which was always a laugh, and I will always remember that.

"We were truly very lucky to have someone like him within the squad at Edinburgh Rugby. He epitomised team camaraderie. He is such a genuine, nice guy that always wanted to help you improve and make the team better.

"I wish you nothing but the best in life after retirement mate. I have no doubt you will do well in whatever you choose to do next.

"Congratulations on a great career mate, you should be proud. We will all miss you at the club. They are big shoes needing filled! All the best to you and the family. Happy retirement!"

Damien Hoyland

"He must have been 36 when I first joined at Edinburgh... Ever since I’ve known Fraz, he’s always been the exact same to me or to anyone else he meets. He is a proper genuine bloke

"My favourite memory of Fraz ever has to be when we played Zebre away. Something wasn’t going well in our mauls, so Bergy decided to have a word with Fraz. Let's just say the two ended up continuing that chat in the middle of the maul!

"I’ve always told him that he’s the hardest working pear that I know, and he’s a smart man who I know will do well outside of the sport. I’m looking forward to him welcoming me in to his kingdom soon. All the best big man!"

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