The Hastings this week's Local Heroes!

The Hastings this week's Local Heroes!

The Hastings - Scott and Jenny - are known to many in Edinburgh's rugby and charity circles for the huge amount of work the couple do to promote and run their respective initiatives throughout Scotland.

So, when lockdown hit all of us months ago in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, you could bet that the pair wouldn't be sitting in their Edinburgh home for long, with the Hastings quickly galvanising their local community by bringing music and movement to the street via a daily outdoor aerobics class.

The couple are this week's It's Good 2 Give Local Heroes, and richly deserving of the accolade for the way in which they not only brought their own community together during a time of need, but how they did it via simple exercises that kept their neighbours both physically and mentally engaged.

With Jenny starting the class following a brief conversation with a neighbour about stretching, the daily aerobics session soon expanded, and before the Hastings knew it, the whole street could be seen dancing - at a safe distance of course.

Although the classes took place during lockdown weeks ago, it's never too late to be named a Local Hero, so three cheers for the Hastings and the way in which they truly brought their community together! Photo credit: @KtLeeArrowsmith

Speaking to the Scotsman last month, Jenny [Hastings], said: “I was coming back from walking our dog Parker when I got chatting to a neighbour who asked what stretches I did after a run.

“Before long we were chatting about dancing and doing the Hokey Cokey. Next afternoon I went out with our daughter Kerry-Anne exercising, we grabbed a CD and put some music on.

“Before long there were 16 people out in their driveways exercising and dancing, with Scott dancing up and down the street.”

Jenny concluded: “We didn’t really know our neighbours before this lockdown, it’s really brought us together, which is so important at this time.”

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