Strongman Strokosch to attempt charity lift

Strongman Strokosch to attempt charity lift

Former player and current strength and conditioning coach Alasdair Strokosch is used to undergoing tests of strength having forged a successful rugby career in the depths of the gym, but this August the former Scotland captain will be taking on a different strongman challenge altogether.

On 24 August, Strokosch and strength and conditioning colleague, Luke Vella, will be travelling north to Aberdeenshire to attempt to lift the Dinnie Stones – made famous by legendary Scottish strongman Donald Dinnie – to raise both money and awareness for The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Network UK.

Having tragically lost his sister Marianne to Inflammatory Breast Cancer two years ago, it is a disease that hits close to home for Strokosch and his family, but now the 47-times capped former East Kilbride and Boroughmuir player is doing his part to raise money for the charity who offered so much support in times of need.

“The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Network UK is very special to me. My sister passed away a couple of years ago from that type of breast cancer which is really rare and aggressive.

“She fought incredibly hard for two years as she battled it and the charity were there for her the whole way. If I can do my bit to raise some money and help others going through what she did, then that would be brilliant.”

With the two historic stones weighing a combined 332.49kg (the smaller stone weighing 144.47kg and the larger a massive 188.02kg) next month’s charity lift will take a gargantuan effort from both Strokosch and Vella.

However, the pair have been putting in the hard yards in the gym following full pre-season sessions and will be well drilled by the time next month’s attempt comes around.

“Myself and Luke have been training hard for the lift,” continued Strokosch. “They’re obviously two massive stones that were made famous by Scottish strongman Donald Dinnie. He actually carried them. We’ll be happy if we can just lift them!”

“Even when I was still playing, I was always interested in the strength side of sport. Things like the World’s Strongest Man and the Highland Games always fascinated me, while I’ve got really into the actual history of the Dinnie Stones themselves.”

“First and foremost, the main aim of the lift is to raise money, but it will also be great to take part in something that is so rooted in Scottish strongman tradition.”

You can support Strokosch and Vella as they attempt to lift to the Dinnie Stones next month by donating to their cause today.

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