Stadium update: The story so far

Stadium update: The story so far

​Development on the club’s stadium may have been paused due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, but there is still plenty to keep you updated on with several important construction milestones reached in the last few months.

As we wait for construction to resume, we’ve pulled together a ‘story so far’, giving you all the important details as we look forward to finally being #HomeAtLast.

Groundworks and pitches

Ground was broken on the club’s stadium project in October, with club legends Allan Jacobsen, Tim Visser and Andy Irvine invited along for a press and photo call on site to kick start the beginning of construction.

The opening month of construction saw the removal of irrigation from pitches three and four, with the uplift of the old 3G pitch and padding system, that was in place on pitch four prior to the project’s commencement, also taking place in October.

November saw the dig out and removal of pitch three – the pitch nearest to the Water of Leith – with that particular task a hugely sizeable job due the sheer amount of turf and soil that had to be transported off-site.

Irrigation works for the new pitch, set to be laid in the stadium, began at the beginning of November.


Drainage was yet another hugely critical part of the project that is to date at an advanced stage.

This area of the development has also seen the completion of surface water and foul drainage below ground, ready for the installation of stand roofs and toilet / bar facilities.


All construction projects need utilities – water and electricity – and our new stadium is no different.

The construction of multi-utility service trench works began in January, with the building of service tracks near completion.

Final preparation works for the installation of the new Scottish Power substation, which will provide power to the new stadium, have also been completed ready for delivery when the works start back again.


Work began on the stadium’s stand foundations on the 3rd February and have now all been completed, again marking a significant breakthrough in the construction project.

Foundations have been completed for the construction of the West, South and East Stands. Casting of foundations for the North Stand was complete just prior to the pausing of works, ready for the construction of our main stand to commence.

To date, approximately 1,600T of concrete has been poured in the process of laying foundations and there remains only a few final staircase bases to conclude.


This area of the project began with the removal of the existing floodlights in late October, before the installation of ducting and foundation bases for the four brand new floodlights took place in February.

With this phase complete, the construction team were then able to erect and install four new 25m LED floodlight columns, that are now all in place and 100% fitted, ready for testing when the power installation is complete.


Alongside the installation of a new world rugby standard 4G pitch, the erection of the four brand new stands is perhaps the most noticeable and exciting stage of the construction process.

Work began on this phase of the project on 2nd March, with the West Stand (Water of Leith end) the first stand to be installed – to date, this is in the advanced stages of completion.

Moving anti-clockwise, construction commenced on the South (Tram side) and East Stands (BT Murrayfield end) with both of these at early stages of construction.

Work was set to begin on the North Stand, following completion of the foundations at the time of last month’s pause of the project.

The project team remain fully committed to the delivering this new home for Edinburgh Rugby and will return to site when restrictions are lifted, but most importantly when it is safe to do so, with suitable risk assessments in place.

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