Sponsor Focus with Dentons

Sponsor Focus with Dentons

Multinational law firm Dentons joined the club's sponsor family in 2018 where they became Edinburgh Rugby's Official Legal Partner.

As the world's largest law firm, but with firm roots embedded within the Scottish capital, Dentons feature on the collar of the club's home and away Macron match jerseys, while they bring supporters key pieces of content such as team announcements and our Capital Classics series.

From the firm's history, to their favourite Edinburgh Rugby moments, get to know Dentons that bit better with the latest Sponsor Focus.

For supporters who aren’t aware of Dentons, can you tell us a little about the company and its history?

Dentons is the world’s largest law firm, with more than 19,000 people across 190 locations – spanning 77 countries across the globe.

The firm has offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow, offering clients access to premium legal advice across the UK as well as in the US, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

How has the company coped with the current COVID-19 pandemic and how is the industry itself coping with the ‘new normal’?

In early 2020, clients asked global chairman Joe Andrew what he thought the “new normal” would be when the pandemic subsided. However, given this period of significant transformation in the ways we work, learn, and live, he recognised that our world might never again be “normal,” as in the steady state where tomorrow looks much like today.

A “New Dynamic” better captured what a future of accelerating change may hold. Rather than retreat at this time of upheaval the Firm remained confident in its ability to harness this new dynamic decade by helping clients address what they need to do today to meet the challenges they may face tomorrow.

This confidence has been demonstrated by opening up more than two dozen new offices around the world in the midst of a global economic crisis.

The New Dynamic is a global strategy for the Firm, serving as a platform—digital, data driven and quality process oriented-- to provide clients with resources in navigating these uncharted waters.

In addition to providing immediate advice to support clients’ scenario planning efforts and bolster their supply chain resilience, the Firm has developed resources for organisations undergoing digital transformation and leadership changes.

The firm’s New Dynamic offering leverages 60+ experts from across the globe, ranging from former general counsels to technologists who have helped adapt Dentons’ services to support clients with whatever they need, wherever they may be.

How long have Dentons been involved with Edinburgh Rugby and what are the benefits of being part of the club’s sponsor family?

We are in our third season of sponsorship with Edinburgh Rugby and are proud to be a part of a group who support a strong Scottish club with values that mirror our own.

What have been some of your favourite and most memorable moments while being part of the club’s sponsor family?

We've hosted a number of client events at our Edinburgh office and welcomed some great guests from Edinburgh Rugby.

As you would expect, Cockers always gives frank and honest assessments of progress in the camp and we've heard from several of the players – some even agreeing with their coach (always wise)!

Do the staff at Dentons have a favourite Edinburgh Rugby player or match they’ve attended?

Always hard to look past Big Bill Mata on the rampage… but let's not forget that Chris Dean's uncle is one of our partners!

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