Richard Cockerill: Your support is invaluable

Richard Cockerill: Your support is invaluable

Dear Edinburgh supporters,

The 2020/21 season was a difficult one for us as a club for a number of reasons which I think are fairly well documented, however I think we also have to be honest with ourselves and say we didn’t live up to the standards we’ve come to expect over the past few seasons of progress.

I can't fault the effort of the squad in the face of adversity and I’m still really proud of the way they stayed committed to the task. We also saw a number of promising young players take advantage of the opportunities they were given and improve significantly – especially over that Rainbow Cup period.

Among the toughest parts throughout that time came when we celebrated success without you there in person alongside us.

Your absence was felt by all of us at the club and a year playing in front of empty stands has really underscored why we at Edinburgh Rugby play, and strive to be better, in this game.

We’re proud to represent the city of Edinburgh and we’re proud to represent you. The sooner you’re back in stands, cheering on the scores, the big hits and all those big, decisive moments in the game, the better.

This season we move into our new home, and it’ll be a special moment for everyone connected to the club. I’ve been here a short time, but it’s clear Edinburgh Rugby has been searching for its own, permanent home for a long time.

We’ve all been delighted to see how many of you have already secured your place with a season ticket for next season, especially off the back of a tough year.

We all want to see a packed Edinburgh Rugby Stadium and for it to be one of the best atmospheres in the league. It’s fantastic to see we’re already off to such a great start.

The team will take a well-earned break now after a long season, returning around mid-July to work hard and develop our game ahead of this landmark year.

Your support is invaluable, and I can’t thank you enough for continuing to help drive forward this team.

All the very best,

Richard Cockerill

Edinburgh Rugby Head Coach

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