Quick Hits with WP Nel

Quick Hits with WP Nel

These are the Quick Hits as Scotland international prop WP Nel spoke with media following Saturday night's derby defeat to Glasgow Warriors.

On defeat to Glasgow Warriors

"For most of the time we were probably on it, and for the time that we were off, Glasgow took their chances.

"Sometimes they were just better than us and we need to go back and look at those small details that we need to work on."

On the season and work-ons for next year

"We spoke to the boys and it's been quite a long season. Not everything has gone our way, and I think the boys are a bit flat at this moment.

"I think we need to go back and come together to work out where we went wrong in the game, and then we need to work on those parts.

"We can't switch off at so many times, because as we saw against Glasgow teams will take points. We just can't switch off like that."

On motivation and playing to win

"I agree with what Cockers said earlier in the week, that if we put on the jersey we play to win.

"There are aspects of this season that have been tough. And now there's probably nothing to play for, but there are a lot of young boys that if they get the chance want to take any opportunities they get, so definitely we can't just go through the motions, every time we put on the jersey we must want to win.

"Especially with the young boys, we want to give them the opportunity to play well. I know it's been a tough season but there's still a lot for all of us, but especially the young boys, to work on to get ready for next season.

On blooding younger player in to the senior squad

"They've been brilliant in training and they bring a different energy to their game. You can see they want to do well.

"The youngsters want to take chances and I think they played really well against Glasgow. It's been tough for them but what they need now is game time, at their age it's all about getting more game time so they can build the experience you need at this level.

"So hopefully in the next two games they can get more opportunities to get that experience because that's how they become better players."

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