Quick Hits: Watson shows faith in capital ambition

Quick Hits: Watson shows faith in capital ambition

Hamish Watson this week committed his future to Edinburgh Rugby, penning a new long-term deal that will see him remain in the capital side's No. 7 shirt for seasons to come.

The internationalist back-row spoke to Sunday media after putting pen-to-paper on a new contract. Here are the Quick Hits as Watson discussed the reasons behind extending his stay in the Scottish capital.

On considering options and factors behind committing his future

“This was probably the stage of my career that I was considering it more than other years.

"In other years, you pay the agent, he does a job, and he looks and sees what’s out there, but this year I was maybe considering a move and in the end I’m so happy we could get it done and stay in Edinburgh.

“The swinging factor for me in the end was that I love playing for this club. I’ve shown Edinburgh really good loyalty over the years, and they’ve repaid their faith.

"It’s up to me over the next three years to prove myself again and hopefully get to the business end of competitions and start winning stuff. I’m really happy we’ve got a deal done and I’m looking forward to continuing this journey.”

“The thing that tipped it is people know me, I am quite a loyal guy, and in the end, it’s a family decision as well. My wife loves it here, my kids are too young to know if we moved anyway, the little one is two now, and they were born here, and it will be really nice raising them here as well.”

On his capital ambitions

“Winning some silverware – that’s my ambition as an Edinburgh player.

“Every rugby player wants to win something in their career and I want to do it with the club I’ve been with since I was a teenager. I believe in this group of players, I believe we can do something, and I still feel like we’ve got some unfinished business here.

“We’re starting to get to the business end of competitions regularly, which is certainly something we didn’t do towards the start of my time at Edinburgh. We’re getting to quarter-finals, we’re getting to semi-finals, and that’s what it’s all about and what the fans want to see.

"The more we can do that, like we have done under Cockers for the last three seasons, that’s what builds confidence."

On continuity at the club

“You want continuity in any sort of business or work environment an it’s exactly the same in pro sport.“

"You want the same players there as long as they’re doing well, continuity in the players base because then you get to know people and its’ exactly the same in the coaching staff.

“For the first time in my career, Cockers has been here three-and-a-half years and after another year-and-a-half, that’ll be the longest I’ve worked with a coach for. It does come into play.

"You ask about other signings, who we might be bringing in, all that sort of stuff, and it’s all pointing in the right direction for Edinburgh.”

On building for the future

“There are loads of young players coming through – lots of young props, good back three, positions all over the park.

"The back row specifically has got a lot of depth – Rory Darge, Ben Muncaster, Connor Boyle – and if you look at the slightly older ones we’ve got great depth in the back row. It’s really promising for the club.”

On looking ahead to the future

“You see players playing really well to a really late age, so I’m confident that at 32 I’ll still be playing good rugby and still be attractive to other clubs.

“If that’s the case then I can revisit it and if I’m still playing really good rugby who is to say I won’t be at Edinburgh another couple of years?

"It’s a bit of a time away, but my aim is to be as consistent as I have been over the last ten seasons for Edinburgh, and let’s see where we are after three years.”

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