Quick Hits: Mata getting back to his best

Quick Hits: Mata getting back to his best

Get the latest from Fijian No. 8 Viliame Mata as he spoke with press following Saturday night's defeat to Munster.

These are the Quick Hits as Mata discussed returning from injury and the optimism in camp with a run of key fixtures on the horizon.

On the defeat to Conference leaders Munster

"I think we started off really well, but then a few penalties put Munster back in our half. They converted penalties into points."

On regaining his form after long-term injury

"I'm picking up a bit. When I started off after the injury I was too slow to get back to form, but I think I'm picking up now. I'm not there yet but I'm getting there."

On younger players bedding in

"This period right now, with a few of the boys in the national team, it's just about young guys stepping up. It doesn't really change much, but they just have to be able to play week in and week out. Every boy is getting a chance to play right now."

On himself, Hamish Watson and Jamie Ritchie all re-signing

"With the three of us staying, and a few more, I think we are building up and we have a good couple more seasons in us. Hopefully we can do something special for Edinburgh in the coming seasons. My family are all happy here, and so am I."

On the upcoming conference fixtures

"We are all in the same group and everyone is fighting for the top-three at the moment. We are behind Scarlets and Cardiff. We were hoping to get at least a point out of the Munster match, but now we just have to look forward to Scarlets next week - it's a huge game."

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