Quick Hits: Dean encouraged by attacking threat

Quick Hits: Dean encouraged by attacking threat

Chris Dean played a pivotal role in Edinburgh's attack on Saturday night, grabbing a score as the capital side fell just short in the intercity derby.

The centre spoke to media following the defeat at Scotstoun. Here are the Quick Hits as Dean discussed his side's attacking threat and battling back against Glasgow Warriors.

On coming close to securing a derby win

"It's frustrating. I think we saw improvements attack-wise through the second half and the first half. The first 20 minutes of the second half I think we were our own worst enemy.

"I'm not sure what the penalty count was but jeezo it felt like a lot. Because of that we just couldn't get any momentum back in the game, and fair play to Glasgow, they took hold of that momentum and used it to their advantage.

"We'll certainly be reviewing the moments we could have used much better, and release that pressure and gain more of our own momentum. But that's the way the games go – Glasgow took their opportunities when they had the chance."

On his training ground score

"That was a set-piece move. Hamish's timing of the pass to Dave [Cherry] was perfect and Dave just managed to get away.

"It was a good bit of hands and I managed to get on the end of it and just sneaked in there. It was a training ground move and it's always nice when those pay off.

"You spend a lot of time working with the coaches on what's going to work best against the other team and to see one come off after practising it for a couple of weeks is a nice feeling, that's for sure."

On his late score being chalked off

"I certainly thought I was close and that it was worthy of a TMO but the touch judge called it and that's fair enough.

"They have better eyes on it than me and I was getting manhandled by a couple of guys so didn't have much idea of whether I'd gone into touch.

"But I thought I was close enough for them to have gone to the TMO. But we managed to get over in the corner with Eroni a few minutes later so not all was lost."

On playing a more entertaining brand of rugby

"As a team, regardless of what anyone else thinks, we are wanting to improve that side of our game.

"What's hard to see on a TV screen is the weather – at BT Murrayfield it was a very dewey night and a very slippery ball against Glasgow, which plays a part in the ability to pass well and to move the ball that split second earlier compared to when it's wet.

"Whereas at Scotstoun it was relatively dry, even if there was a really heavy wind in parts. But that [sub-conscious need to entertain] definitely played a part, and I get it that fans get frustrated.

"But as Cockers put it to us, points are points and we got the win, which was the main thing that week.

"Certainly the last three weeks we've been working on bringing a bit more attack into our game. But that's not off the back of the Glasgow game alone, that's very much an improvement we want to make as a squad as a whole, moving forward."

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