Quick Hits: Bennett on building momentum

Quick Hits: Bennett on building momentum

Mark Bennett was named Player of the Match in yesterday's 1872 Cup win over Glasgow Warriors following a stellar outing that saw the centre make his mark on both sides of the ball.

The internationalist spoke to media following the derby victory. Here are the Quick Hits as Bennett discussed building momentum and turning points into pressure:

What was your consensus after a big derby win?

“It was a great win for us. Our forwards were excellent and gave us a great platform, Glasgow attacked really well but we held strong in defence, so overall it was a really good performance.

“We would have hoped to have converted some pressure into points when we spent that long period under their sticks – it felt like an age – but they defended really well and got away. But we found a way to win, so that’s all that matters.

Did you feel like you could have turned penalties and dominance into further points?

“We felt like we had the momentum in the game and it was a chance for us to get a try.

"I just think we could have done it better – it was our errors that cost us – so it was a good decision to go for it and it just didn’t pay off."

How does the squad feel after two wins on a bounce?

“We’re in a good spot. Training the last six weeks has been excellent with the boys.

"When the internationals were away we trained really, really well, and while the performance in the last couple of weeks of that window weren’t where we wanted them to be, but we now feel like we are getting somewhere.

"It is a good group of guys, working hard, so good things will come."

Are you confident heading into Friday night's derby?

“It was nil-nil with an hour played, but we won. And it felt like a deserved win from my point of view, so we’ll go into that game with plenty of confidence and hopefully back it up."

Will no crowd at Scotstoun neutralise home advantage?

“It’s just strange. There is no other way to describe it. The only thing is the travel, apart from that it is a game of rugby on a pitch. Can’t wait until we get our crowds back."

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