Press Pass with Stevie Lawrie

Press Pass with Stevie Lawrie

Get the latest from Forwards Coach Stevie Lawrie as he spoke with press in the build up to Saturday's United Rugby Championship Round 11 clash with Ospreys at Stadium.

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Settling into life at DAM Health Stadium

I played for Edinburgh and we were crying out for a home long enough. A permanent home, and one that doesn't have tracked round it and spectators were set far back of where you had 5 to 10,000 fans in a 60,000 seat stadium.

In that first game against Scarlets it was really powerful to see how loud the crowd were, how close to the pitch they are.

I used to have a season ticket at Tynecastle, which I think is one of the best stadiums in football because you're so close to the action. The DAM is exactly the same. You're right on top of the action so I think it works really well.

Credit to the fans as well. There was probably a thought that they would just sit on their hands and not cheer for the team, but they have come out and they have been magic.

I remember being a player and thinking we needed more football fans, maybe a drum or something. So I think I've done a really good job of cheering the team on and the atmosphere has been brilliant.

Speaking to people around Edinburgh, the feedback on the DAM has been excellent. The style of rugby we have put on has probably helped that.

On Edinburgh's fanbase

When Hearts are going well then Tynecastle was sold out. When the not going well there are a few more empty seats. I think is really important that the onus is not on the fans and that we need to put on a show that people want to come and watch. That's our part in it.

Darcy picking the can-can as his scoring tune...etc.

A lot of different things have been done well by the club and the players. It's good to see the fans getting out there and expressing themselves.

The shift from the traditional clubs to the pro game has probably taken a bit of time to build up that fan base for pro rugby. Let's face it, it is sometimes tough to justify to other halves but you're going to go out on a Friday night and then on Saturday.

From our point of view I think the fan base has been built up and we have some pretty loyal people there are no who are driving it.

On managing expectations

Let's see how we get on. We made a good start to the season but were not getting too excited. We just need to keep building. We want to get to the stage where we can sellout the DAM and then Scottish rugby will need to work out how they can put a few more seats in there.

On squad rotation

I think we have been in a fortunate position around our squad. We have been able to give opportunities the players that have maybe been on the fringes. Even in the challenge cup games over the past two weeks we have been able to bleed in a few guys who haven't had a lot of rugby.

On pride of being involved at the club

I feel pretty privileged to be involved in it now. I tell the boys that I played with that it is pretty special.

Would I have liked to have played in a sold-out smaller stadium? Yes, probably. However, I feel pretty fortunate to be involved in what we are doing just now.

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