Press Pass with Pierre Schoeman

Press Pass with Pierre Schoeman

Get the latest from Pierre Schoeman as he spoke with media in the build up to Saturday's EPCR Challenge Cup opener against Saracens at StoneX Stadium.

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On being involved with Scotland for the first time

“Yeah, it’s been truly amazing playing for all the fans at BT Murrayfield and for Scotland. I always knew the challenge is coming back to play for Edinburgh and to be at my best - to be consistent as well.

"I had a good week off - thanks Mike - and just came back from zero and worked hard again.”

On believing in himself and international aspirations

“I always believed I want to play international and I’m good enough. But you really have to put the work in and be consistent. I always believed I would play international rugby since I was young.

"So I’m very proud of that, and the thing I learned the most in those four weeks with Scotland was, like I said, consistency - whether you’re representing your club or Scotland, just being your best every rep, every training.

"That’s how you keep on your game as an international player, I believe, and grow. You learn from the experienced players and the coaching staff as well.”

On his 'cult status' with fans

“Yeah, it’s really nice to get a hype with the fans and be emotionally invested and involved as well. You’re playing for them when you’re representing your club - it’s never your jersey, you know. There have been legends before you and there will be legends after you.

“So it’s just giving your best in that jersey. But it’s nice. I think with the hero thing you have to work hard and stay on your game and perform at your best - don’t get arrogant. You can get confident, but not arrogant.”

On South Africans at Saracens

“I know Vincent Koch quite well - I’ve played a lot against him in South Africa. But I think he’s in Dubai this week - I’ve seen that on his Instagram.

“There were a few South Africans as well: Petrus du Plessis, Schalk Brits - there were too many to name when they had that wolfpack going on. There’s a few left now, not as much as there used to be, but I know the vibe and the proud culture that they have there as well.”

On facing a tough challenge in Saracens

“Yeah, and to be fair it’s the games you want to play. I’m not saying there’s easy games, I’m just saying it’s nice to play in the big matches - the set-piece battles, the physicality is a bit more up there, it’s more of a challenge, everyone wants to win.

"And it’s nice to play a Premier side - we don’t get that opportunity much, and when it comes it’s nice to prep well and do good against them.”

On his confidence in the Edinburgh pack

“We feel very confident. It’s on the game day as well. It’s about the mentality in that 80 minutes. Sometimes you prep so well and then it’s a bad day at the office, or vice versa.

"But yeah, I’m feeling very confident. Our set-piece battle, our kicking, we learn a lot from the experienced players and the coaches, so it’s exciting going down there.”

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