Owsley: "I'm in a great place"

Owsley: "I'm in a great place"

Freddie Owsley enjoyed a stunning Edinburgh Rugby debut, scoring two memorable tries in the capital side's 66-3 win against CA Brive.

Get the Quick Hits from Freddie as he spoke to the media following his debut performance:

On making his debut

“It was good to get a debut. I didn’t realise I’d be starting and it was a bit nervy for the first ten but then we got into it and it was great. It was really good fun.

"I’m so happy and the best thing about here is that I’m in a really happy place with these guys. I literally love the Edinburgh boys. They’ve welcomed me so much.

“I was happy to wait because I’m in a great place training and having fun here.”

On his move from Bristol

“I’ve always wanted to go down the Scottish route. My mum is from Scotland and moved down to Bristol when she was young. She’s from Govan in Glasgow.

“When it finished up at Bristol Edinburgh called and I was really happy to go there for a second chance and it’s turning out all right.”

On waiting for his chance

“I was really gutted to miss the preseason match against Newcastle because it was the first game and the chance to show myself before the season started but Mike’s been really good to me and this new year we’ve had some plans about how I could get some opportunities and training’s gone really well.

“I actually thought I had a really shaky game there to be honest but it was nice just to feel my way into it. And it’s so nice to be mates with all the players. These guys are turning into my best mates and it’s just so much easier when it’s like that.”

On his solo score

“I used to play a bit of football as a kid, it was always my best sport. I do like it on my left foot, so it was a case of keep tapping away because you’ll beat them for pace.

“Mark Bennett kicked it initially, and then I just kept tapping away, thinking ‘I’ve done this many a time at football’. And I dived on it at the end - I didn’t want to go for the pick up in case somebody smashed me.”

On being caught between different sports

“Yeah, it was tricky. It was worse for my sister. She hated the school we went to and so did I for a bit because they didn’t play football. It was hockey and rugby and I was all about football at the time and just wanted to play it in the playground but no-one was playing it. So it was pretty tough and I didn’t really enjoy the first couple of years.

“I had to give up football which was a tough decision at the time but it made me focus on rugby more and focus on athletics more.

“I’ve played two games of football in the last five or six years and both times I’ve got injured, so I can’t be doing it again.”

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