McBurney: "We've got to step up."

McBurney: "We've got to step up."

Get the Quick Hits from hooker Adam McBurney as he spoke with media ahead of Friday night's URC Round 8 clash against Leinster at the RDS Arena (11 February, kick-off 6pm).

On facing Leinster while in Ireland

“It’s always a tough challenge, obviously, but thankfully I’ve got on the right end a couple of times.

"But I’ve also been on the wrong end, as a lot of other teams have been too. So yeah, tough team to play against, but I’m looking forward to another chance to go at them.”

On Leinster's strength in depth

“The work they’ve done with their academy system and the number of players that they’ve got representing Ireland is obviously a credit to them.

"So it’s going to be a tough challenge - no matter who’s away, they’ve got people to step into those shoes. I’m looking forward to that challenge, but it will definitely be a tough one for us.”

On losing top spot

“It’s disappointing not to be at the top of the league, as we were for a couple of weeks, but it is a long season and you don’t really want to be winning the league this week.

"Hopefully we can pick up points in the next couple of weeks and get in and around the top couple of places, then we’ll be in a good place going into the business end of the season.”

On Edinburgh' stronger depth this season

“Mike Blair spoke about this at the start of the year and it has definitely been a talking point: no matter what team goes out there for Edinburgh, we’ve got a job to do to step up and to keep that performance level at the same height.

"Thankfully we’ve had boys who have been given opportunities and they’ve definitely taken those. I’m sure within the next couple of weeks you’ll see more of that - that’s what everyone is planning to do.”

On getting the better of Leinster

“It’s definitely all-round and it will definitely take 80 minutes. They’re not a team that’s going to roll over for you at any stage of the game.

“You don’t want to let them in early - that’s a big thing. If you let them in early they’ll get that momentum rolling and then they’re hard to stop. It will be a big start for us anyway and then we’ll just be trying to keep that going for the 80 minutes.”

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