Lang and Vellacott relishing first-ever 1872 Cup derbies

Lang and Vellacott relishing first-ever 1872 Cup derbies

​James Lang and Ben Vellacott have been in scintillating form since joining the club this past summer and both players will be hoping to be involved in their very first intercity derbies against Glasgow Warriors.

We caught up with the duo to chat all things derbies, rivalry and the 1872 Cup.

Which derby matches have you played in before?

James Lang: “When I was at Quins, there were the Saracens matches and there was always a bit of edge about them. There were a few grudges held, and there was always a different feeling in camps building up to that game. It was very easy to get up for it and was always a good one to play in.

“I’ve played Sarries a handful of times before, so it was pretty class to beat them at the weekend. It was a great performance, maybe not the most entertaining rugby at times but that’s sometimes what you have to do.”

Ben Vellacott: “The big derbies for me were against Bath and Bristol because they were the local teams when I was at Gloucester.

"I played in quite a few which were always good fun, it was always an important game, but they were bigged up even more which was quite cool. They’re special games and they’re the ones you remember.”

What have you heard about the 1872 Cup?

James Lang: “It’s a big rivalry with two Scottish teams going against each other, and it’s the kind of game you want to play in, there’s a lot of history.

"You’re coming up against your competition for international spaces so there’s an edge there, and with Glasgow winning the last few, it’ll be a good game to be involved in and hopefully win!”

Ben Vellacott: “It’s the game that people want to see, Edinburgh and Glasgow going head-to-head. It looks like form kind of goes out the window for it, but we’ve both been playing really well this season so it should be an awesome game.”

Derbies aside, how have you settled into life at Edinburgh?

James Lang: “I’m loving it up here, it was a big move for me, taking me out of my comfort zone. I’m loving every minute of it; I’ve really settled into the club and Edinburgh life.

"I’ve got myself a couple of warm jackets too, I’ve been warned about the cold weather! There’s a real buzz though, I think you saw it against Saracens last week, everyone’s fighting for each other, and that’s what happened and has brought us even closer.”

Ben Vellacott: “I’m absolutely loving it; I’ve said it before but it’s such a friendly city. My neighbours have been so helpful getting me settled in. My partner hasn’t moved up here yet so it’s just me and the dog, so having good people around me has been great.”

Looking forward to a first Edinburgh Christmas?

James Lang: “I’m hoping it’ll snow for a first white Christmas in a while! I’m hoping to get my family up, but I’ll be tagging along with someone if not! I’m excited, and really loving life up here.”

Ben Vellacott: “Luckily my partner and her family are coming up for Christmas! My family are originally from Scotland, so it will be good to experience Christmas up here – whilst focusing on the game!”

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