Billy Dempsey named It's Good 2 Give Local Hero

Billy Dempsey named It's Good 2 Give Local Hero

This week's It's Good 2 Give Local Hero is a man of many talents, but when he's not working as a painter and decorator in Bonnyrigg, he's spinning decks for a good cause to raise money in the fight against COVID-19.

Bonnyrigg's very own Bill Dempsey picks up this week's accolade after the DJ's weekly live streamed DJ sets have not only kept people entertained on a Saturday night, but raised a serious amount of money for the NHS.

Dempsey - who is a painter and decorator by trade - runs his own disco company, City Discos, and since the start of lockdown has decided to turn his passion into a way of keeping his followers' spirits high during these times of uncertainty.

With a weekly live streamed DJ set on his Facebook channel, people have been tuning in from all over the world - including the United States, Belgium and Abu Dhabi - just to listen and enjoy the music.

After seeing early success, Dempsey decided to make his live streams a way of raising money for the NHS, and so with a four hour set - that at one point had over 1600 listeners - the DJ was able to raise a magnificent £7300 for the NHS.

With the money going to both the city's Royal Infirmary and the Sick Kids, Dempsey's contribution meant the hospitals were able to buy various items for COVID-19 suffering patients, including iPads that gave people the chance to stay in touch during these times of need.

Through his music, Dempsey has also helped raise £1300 for Little Voices, Big Stars, a local talent group for 4-16 year olds with a passion for signing, dancing and performing.

Due to COVID-19, the group have been unable to host any fundraising evenings, but with the help of Billy's DJ sets, they will be able to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre in the near future.

Billy's nominator, Steven Kerr, said: "Billy is a very modest guy who always says that he just presses some buttons and plays some tunes. He does a whole lot more than that. He gives everyone something to look forward to, keeps them entertained and has managed to raise a lot of money for a great cause."

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