Groom: "We need to put our best foot forward."

Groom: "We need to put our best foot forward."

​We spoke with scrum-half Nic Groom as he looked back on Saturday’s Challenge Cup defeat to Bordeaux-Bègles and previews this Saturday’s crucial European match against Agen at BT Murrayfield.

On the performance against Bordeaux-Bègles

“I think we had some really good moments in the game and I think we had some really poor moments in the game. When you’re playing against a top side, when those poor moments come, they hurt you. Credit to them, there weren’t many times when they wasted their chances and they got a win against us when I thought there were times when we played really well.

“We knew that they’ve got some really exciting players. I thought in the first half, the scoreboard told the story. They scored two really good tries, mainly off our mistakes. We struggled with our set-piece ball, especially from our line-out. They exited well from their 22 and forced us into a set-piece battle – they’ve got some superstars there and they came out on top in that area.”

On what Edinburgh can take from the defeat

“Whatever the case, this will be a good game for us to review. When you’re playing against one of the top sides in Europe, meeting them in the Quarter-Final will be tough, but maybe we’ll take some really good learnings out of this week and if we come up against them again, we will have to be better in certain areas and make much more of a game out of it.”

“I think we showed a lot of effort and we were really brave in some areas. We actually defended pretty well one-on-one, despite being quite loose with the ball at times. They have some exciting players in their back line if you’re giving them lots of space. But I thought our sheer doggedness at times was good. It’s been the hallmark of our season that the boys put in some big hits, and some guys were really battling hard. We scored two tries. I felt that maybe if we had executed our set piece bit better, we would have had a proper game out of it.”

On this weekend’s Agen match-up

“We need to give ourselves the best chance. After next week, we’ve got a bit of a break. We drew at home against Bordeaux and we always knew that in these last two games we need to take all the points we can. We need to put our best foot forward and get into a Quarter-Final, then anything can happen.”

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