Five things you didn't know about Sam Grahamslaw

Five things you didn't know about Sam Grahamslaw

Having made his professional debut against Cardiff Blues earlier this season, loosehead prop Sam Grahamslaw will be a name to look out for in the seasons to come.

Here are five things you didn't know about the former Scotland U20 star.

I was born in Paris

"My dad was working in France at the time and lived out there with my mum and my older brother. I then came along and spent my first few years living out in France before we moved back to Leicester in time for me to start school.

"I’d like to say some of the culture rubbed off on me but my GCSE french teacher would probably disagree..."

I’m doing an engineering degree

"I’ve been studying a mechanical engineering degree part time for the last four years. I started the course at Loughborough University whilst I was with Leicester Tigers and transferred to Heriot-Watt when I moved up to Edinburgh.

"Although it can be challenging to juggle rugby and studying, I really enjoy my course and think it’s good to have something to focus on away from rugby - plus it keeps me off the PlayStation."

I’m into my coffee

"Me and my flatmate invested in a coffee machine about a year ago. It’s been good fun playing around with latte art and being able to make our own coffees in the flat.

"I’d like to think it hasn’t turned me into a coffee snob but you won’t find me drinking vending machine coffee anymore."

I’m a bit of a petrolhead

"I’m a big fan of anything with an engine really. My dad has a defender and my brother had an M3 over the summer, so I loved being at home through lockdown and would continuously be nagging them for a go.

"I’m also a big fan of things on two wheels. Proud to say I could ride my bike without stabilisers when I was two years old and I’m currently on the way to getting my motorbike license after passing my CBT a couple months ago."

I would like to think I’m musical.

"I played the drums in a band whilst I was at primary school but had to get rid of the drum kit for the sake of the neighbours.

"I’ve also been learning to play the guitar for the last couple years and recently got a ukulele for my birthday. My Dad and brother both play guitar so it’s nice to have a jam session whenever I can get home."

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