Five things you didn't know about Nic Groom

Five things you didn't know about Nic Groom

A familiar face in the Edinburgh Rugby squad, Nic Groom has proved himself a natural leader and quality operator since joining the club last summer. Here are five things you didn't know about the star scrum-half - writes Ryan Nixon.

1. He did some country-hopping as a youngster.

“When I was seven years old, we immigrated to Hamilton in New Zealand but we were only there for a year before deciding to move back to South Africa.

"A few years ago though, when I was on a Super Rugby tour I managed to visit the school I went to, and see the house we lived in. If I’m honest though, I’m pretty glad we moved back to South Africa!”

2. He's a natural when it comes to water

“I started playing water polo when I was 12 and ended up making the South African Schools team throughout my senior school years, but unfortunately we never ended up taking part in any tournaments.

"Aside from this though, I also have provincial colours for rugby, touch rugby, swimming and life-saving!”

3. He’s helped create a career-starting initiative for youths in his home country.

“I started a coffee initiative called Woza Coffee in Cape Town – we train at-risk youth in the townships in Cape Town to become baristas.

"We offer them a course through the local youth centre, which takes place over four months, and covers coffee theory, practical work and life skills as well as providing an entry to the world of work through a job internship.

"Over the last few years over 100 kids have gone through the Woza Coffee School and now have full time employment in Cape Town café!. You can actually visit our website at”

4. He's an academic outside of rugby

“Before I signed my first contract, I was a full time student at the University of Cape Town. In 2014 I graduated with a degree in Organisational Psychology and Media. I love studying and learning and I am constantly looking for new ways to grow and learn.

"Since graduating, I’ve completed courses in Executive Coaching – which is an area I am particularly interested in – as well as Content Marketing and most recently, I completed a qualification through the Institute of Leadership and Management.”

5. He's a foodie at heart

“I’m a bit of a foodie! I really enjoy cooking, and I’m always hungry so you can probably see the attraction!

"I find myself watching the cooking channel all the time and often binge on similar shows on Netflix. ‘Chef’s Table’ and ‘Somebody Feed Phil‘ are some of my favourites. Whenever we travel I tend to do a lot of research on where to eat and what cuisine to try.

"During the first lockdown, I cooked a full roast from scratch every Sunday, experimenting with different sides and techniques – it was something new and different but so rewarding nonetheless!”

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