Five things you didn't know about Marshall Sykes

Five things you didn't know about Marshall Sykes

Having joined the club this past summer, up-and-coming forward Marshall Sykes has already made a handful of appearances in the first XV and is a player that supporters will be keeping an eye on in the years to come. Here are five things you didn't know about the former Scotland U20 man.

He's always loved sport

"I knew I wanted to be involved in sports as a full time job, but it definitely took me a couple of attempts at different sports to be where I am now.

"I was a horse riding fanatic during my childhood but had the ideology of becoming a football player (believe or not) and later ventured out into tennis, rowing and fishing.

"But in the end I’ve felt more at home on a rugby pitch."

He's got a green thumb

"I was an avid gardener in my youth (not) and had won ‘The Woodbridge Miniature Gardening Competition’; this being one of the only things I’ve won that isn’t related to sport."

He could have been a PT

"While in my final year of A-levels I had the chance to become a qualified personal trainer. I haven’t quite got round to utilising the qualification so far but it was definitely the first stepping stone into helping me develop my career."

He loves his scran

"I’m currently really into my food, as you can imagine being on the slightly larger side and I find it a great switch off when I’m not on the pitch.

"Watch this space, might be a cookery book on the way... Not really but a food page will have to do!"

He's a gamer

"In my spare time I like to game a fair bit, there’s quite a few of us in the club that get involved but I can’t say the standard of play is very high, although we have a couple of anomalies in the mix.

"It has helped me get to know everyone better through these strange times."

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