Five things you didn't know about Jordan Venter

Five things you didn't know about Jordan Venter

A hard-running centre with big things ahead of him! Get to know up-and-coming centre Jordan Venter.

A late bloomer to rugby

I tried every single sport growing up during school and was never good at any of them... I started playing rugby early on and never looked back!

A gamer at heart

I used to be really big into eSports, playing computer games and so on. I once thought it would be cool to become a professional gamer and I used to play and train with a team back in school!

Unfortunately that dream was short lived and my dad wasn’t too fond of the idea either!

Academics focus

Besides training intensively and giving my whole schedule to rugby in the last years of high school, I really focused on my academics as well.

If it wasn’t for rugby, I would have studied investment management or economics in university and go into the world of finance. However I still am able to study a business degree part-time and I'll see how takes after the rugby career.

Country boy

Many people think I’m a city boy, but I actually grew up and lived on a dairy farm - I spent my entire five years of high school in the boarding house.

I'm not too serious about it!

Not many people know that I’m deaf in my right ear, so in many social situations I usually turn my body around to listen with my left ear. But it’s all a good laugh and something I’m not too serious about!

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