Five things you didn't know about Boan Venter

Five things you didn't know about Boan Venter

Having today joined the club from South African side Cheetahs, get to know our newest recruit, 23-year-old loosehead prop, Boan Venter

An abrasive ball carrier with serious stature, here are five things you didn’t know about the man from Kimberley, Northern Cape.

He loves to Braai

Like most South Africans, you can’t keep Boan away from the BBQ, and not even minus conditions or sleet and snow will stop our new prop from getting his cook on…

“I love a bit of cooking! Even more so if it’s on the braai/barbecue, or even in the kitchen. I like trying out new recipes and learning new skills for sure.”

Strictly Come Dancing next up

Boan loves to the hit dance floor as much as hitting opponents, especially Sokkie, which is a South African style of ballroom dancing

Loopdans, two-step, swing, boogie, social foxtrot or quickstep steps, are often danced together in Sokkie.

“I love dancing and socialising. Especially sokkie/langarm as we know it in South Africa - as well as the occasional freestyle, and a few beers with the boys!”

He loves the great outdoors

Much like the club’s very own Jaco van der Walt and Pierre Schoeman, Boan is a farmer at heart who loves nothing more than spending quality time with his family in the great outdoors

“I am a farmer boy and a family man! I grew up on a farm in South Africa in the Northern Cape province near De Aar.

“I love nature and spending quality time there with my family.”

An early learner

At just 23 years old, Venter is a large but mobile prop at 6ft 2in and 124kg, therefore it’s no wonder that the South African was an early man while back in his native Northern Cape.

“I was quite the early developer when I was a kid… I talked, walked and swam without arm-bands all before I was one year old!”

He’s already engaged

The 23-year-old prop has a fiancée named Jacomi who is currently doing her final year of a pharmacy internship.

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