Five things you didn't know about Adam McBurney

Five things you didn't know about Adam McBurney

Adam McBurney joined the club from Ulster this summer having already been called into the Scotland squad for the Summer Tests. Here are five things you didn't know about the Scottish qualified hooker!

Sticking to rugby...

I was a big Man United and Rangers fan in my youth and football was my main sport until I realised I was no use at it myself, so stuck to being a fan! I then moved to Randalstown RFC which is where my love for rugby began

Strictly business

I'm a Business Management student. I left school at 16 with not many grades behind me... Realising rugby is such a short career, I thought I better get a qualification behind me which interests me and gives me some security for post-rugby!

Loving a brew!

Coffee and a beer! Best way for me to unwind mid-week is catching up with mates for a coffee, or post-game for a beer and to relax.

Crash and McBurney

I had a Vespa at 16 which I wrote off and my first car at 17 met the same ending. I’m a much better driver now however!

Having a ruff time

I have a beagle pup called Brodie. His debts to me include a new sofa, pillows, socks and multiple Amazon delivery packages.. anyone who knows or has a beagle will feel my pain!

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