Fans View: Ulster 2018

Fans View: Ulster 2018

As part of our #CapitalClassic series, we've asked our supporters to share their favourite memories of each memorable fixture! This week, we get the fans view from 2018's thrilling win over Ulster at the Kingspan.

Leaping around like eejits

Iain Stirling: "This was our third visit to Kingspan Stadium (athough it will always be Ravenhill to me). Our previous two were not successful, so our expectations weren't high. It was a beautiful night for rugby and arriving at the ground we got a warm welcome from the home support.

"From what i recall it wasn't the most exciting game apart from the last five minutes. It was well into the red when Duncan Weir completed that drop goal. As the ball went dead our area of the stand fell silent apart from the four of us leaping around like eejits.

"After some friendly hand shakes and well played (mainly through gritted teeth) we headed into town. That's where it all becomes a bit hazy..."

A winning drop goal

Nicola Garforth: "I was watching on TV and was nervously chewing on my nails throughout the match. When that drop goal went through the posts I jumped up off my sofa and screamed giving my dogs the fright of their lives!"

David Taylor: "I was away in Newcastle for a couple nights of sports, first at the darts then at Kingston Park for Newcastle vs Bath, and I managed to see the winning drop goal tucking into my takeaway as I avoided the score all night!"

The atmosphere was amazing!

Tra Ce Roe: "We exchanged our flags with lovely home fans after the match. It was the first game we took our in-laws to and the atmosphere was amazing. When the drop goal came the seven of us jumped and screamed whist surrounded by shocked home fans.

"We stood in the pouring rain to see the players. My daughters favourite player at the time didn't disappoint. So embarrassed when my mother in law screamed Nigel Owens name until he couldn't ignore her any longer!"

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