Fans View: RC Toulon 2019

Fans View: RC Toulon 2019

As part of our #CapitalClassic series, we've asked supporters to share their memories of each memorable fixture! This week, we get the fans view from our Heineken Champions Cup win over RC Toulon from 2019.

Ian Wallace - "The greatest experience of my rugby life"

"I remember getting off train in Toulon and trying to find my way to the ground. I walked down the side of the ground walked straight into Howard Mackenzie and the gang… Already it felt like something special was going to happen! I took a walk down by the marina and bumped into some of the squad who were having a coffee at a cafe. Obligatory selfies taken and I was buzzing.

“Few beers in a bar with Edinburgh fans and locals alike then off to the ground that was top of my bucket list. I saw the yellow vests appear outside but just made my way in after Toulon team had been piped into the ground. Just as the match was about to start a mist appeared, followed by coughing. Then the most surreal experience in the world as you realise the boys were beating the mighty Toulon on their home patch. Without a shadow of a doubt the greatest experience of my rugby life!

Mata magic!

Chelsea Douglas - “That offload from Mata is still one of my favourite Edinburgh memories to date!”

Jonny Rowe - “Screaming my head off with excitement at the Mata offload and waking up my 6 month old son! He’s now used to daddy's rugby antics.”

Jamie Walker - "Jumping around my apartment in Oslo at the time when Johnstone hit that blinder of a support line and receiving THAT offload from Mata.”

Nairn Andrew - “The whole clubhouse going mental at Mata’s offload.”

A weekend to remember

Andy Taylor - "1. Tear gas being used as part of the pre-match entertainment. 2. Bemusement of how JJ scored THE try until the replay. 3. Running up and down main stand with a v big Edinburgh flag with one min do go and upsetting security in the process! Magic."

Fantastic memories

Linda Mitchell - "I remember the incredible hospitality, from the bar that put on a buffet for us on the first night, then welcomed us back on the subsequent nights despite the singing, to the Toulon Supporters Club, who also provided us with local delicacies and drink, and an incredible welcome.

"The tear gas! That’s something off my Bucket List that I never thought would be on it. THE GAME! Sublime. The fire alarm going off in our hotel at about 6am, and evacuating in my pyjamas, jacket and bare feet (because I’m a nurse, and we were trained you get out fast), to see Scott Hastings coming out fully dressed with his briefcase, because it was nearly time to head to the airport.

"We made some great friends on that trip, French and Scottish."

Darren Coutts - "The tear gas pre-match entertainment was pretty horrible but the memory of that quickly disappeared as the game was fantastic! We made sure that the team knew we were in the stadium and roared like we never have before when that magical offload from BBM ended up in the hands of JJ as he ran towards the posts.

"You can’t buy memories like that!"

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