Fans View: Racing 92 miracle

Fans View: Racing 92 miracle

As Edinburgh Rugby prepare to face Racing 92 on Sunday afternoon, we continue to look back on the 'greatest game never shown', this time with the help of Twitter fan: @EdinBruRugby

We get the full fans view from the club's resident Twitter expert, as he looks back on a 48-47 victory that can only be fully explained by the supporters in attendance...

It’s been nearly 10 years since the 'greatest game never shown.' Looking back – what were your memories and expectations going in to that fateful night at BTM?

I'm not sure why but we chose to stand pitchside for that game, not our normal vantage spot but I seem to recall it was new set up for that season?

The week before we’d sneaked past London Irish in Reading which was a bit of a surprise as we’d really struggled in the league.

The Cup was a change of scene and maybe fortunes? Saying that, the previous year we had only won one game and that was behind closed doors with no footage to prove it!

Racing had lost at home the week before so we expected them to come out all guns blazing.

The match couldn’t have gotten off to a better start when Tim Visser chipped over and ran in from 30m out – looking back on that side, who were the standout players that you always thought showed up on the big occasions?

The likes of Greg Laidlaw, Tom Brown, Gilco, Rambo and Matt Scott were all still quite new to the team.

I’d liked the look of Sean Cox, had a bit of edge to him we didn’t always have, unfortunately this edge got him banned for this game!

Viss obviously showed up for any occasion. You always knew Roddy would put a performance in and Natani Talei was starting our love for a Fijian backrower!

And there was always at least one moment of magic from Chunk...

When Edinburgh went 20-44 behind, was there a feeling of ‘same old Edinburgh’ among the support – or was there always a feeling of belief with the side of 2011-12?

At half-time one of my group was adamant we had this game, the rest of us really weren’t convinced!

He’s never lets us forget.... At that stage in the campaign we had no expectations but something must have changed during the season as we had booked our flights to Dublin for the Semi Final way before the day of the Quarter Final!!

The game itself was entertaining throughout, real end to end stuff. More in hope than anticipation we moved at half-time and watched the second-half right by the Racing dugout. As it turned out, it was the best 'seat' in the house!

Was this one of the first games for Laidlaw at 10? It seemed to work an absolute treat with him and Blair just reacting to whoever was closest, real harum scarum stuff but so much fun to watch.

When Edinburgh began the comeback, and then Tim Visser eventually finished in the corner, can you remember your reaction, and how tense was it urging Greig’s winning conversion over from out wide?

About an hour into the game Racing seemed to think they had the game won and started to bring players off.

For the last 20 minutes I don’t know what was better to watch, the action on the pitch or the reactions of the replaced players and coaching staff.

On field, Racing just couldn’t cope with us and those pitchside could do nothing to help them as we reeled them in. Chabal was quite a sight and their coach Mannix’ pacing was getting more and more frantic!

I recall Laidlaw’s kick was just in front of us, I’d never seen a reaction like it at an Edinburgh game. The atmosphere was something else, even with 5,000 rattling around the place.

Finally, what was the feeling like when Hernandez missed the ending drop goal, and how were the clubrooms after such an amazing win?

To be honest, I was just expecting them to wander up the pitch and do what was necessary. We had given it a good go and it had been an amazing game but it felt like there was enough time for them to get that one last chance.

Too long a fan to get too far ahead of myself I suspect! It was looking very ominous, but when they missed, wow what a moment! First disbelief and then wow!

I honestly don’t remember a single thing from after the game, I suspect I was in a bit of a daze.

What I do recall over that weekend was the realisation that the game hadn’t even been filmed for TV, let alone shown live.

Made that “I was there” feeling even better! Forever grateful that Racing put out the game on You Tube – very good sports! What I also remember was the headline from L’Equipe – translated to “The Slap is Immense”. Perfect!

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