Edinburgh join social media boycott

Edinburgh join social media boycott

Edinburgh Rugby is joining other sports bodies, clubs and companies in a social media boycott this weekend as a part of a drive to tackle online hate.

The move, which will also be supported by Scottish Rugby and Glasgow Warriors, and has the support of our professional players via Rugby Players Scotland, will see our social media accounts fall silent from 3pm tomorrow (Friday 30 April) until just before midnight on Monday (3 May).

The club’s websites will remain in action and supporters may still receive digital communications.

Edinburgh Rugby Managing Director, Douglas Struth, said: “There is absolutely no place in our game for online abuse, hatred or discrimination. It isn’t and won’t be tolerated.

“Edinburgh Rugby prides itself on being an open and inclusive club and we are proud to stand united with fellow sports and sporting bodies in this boycott.

"We are determined to ensure our social media platforms are a place to share our passion for sport in a safe, welcoming and inclusive space.”

Tim Swinson, Chairman of Rugby Players Scotland, said: “All our members fully support Scottish Rugby in this initiative and in recognising the importance of inclusion and diversity for the development of the sport."

If you have experienced or witnessed discrimination on social media, you can report it via Kick It Out’s online reporting form: Online Reporting Form | Kick It Out or their reporting app, which is available on both iOS and Android. You should also make your local police force aware by filing a report: Report a hate crime - True Vision (report-it.org.uk)

If you see a post on social media you believe is discriminatory, you can report it to the site or platform where it was posted. They have people who will review your report and decide on taking it down. Click on the relevant links below for how to report for each platform.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/help/1380418588640631

Instagram: How to Report Things | Instagram Help Centre

Twitter: How to report violations of Twitter Rules and Terms of Service

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