Life at DAM Health Stadium

Life at DAM Health Stadium

Tonight is Edinburgh Rugby Fans' Night; an evening of European rugby dedicated to the people that make the club what it is - our supporters.

We spoke to a few of our fans to ask the question: what does watching Edinburgh at DAM Health Stadium mean to you?

Simon Boothroyd

The DAM; I love it. I look forward all week to the excitement and community spirit of match day. It just keeps getting better. There’s a bigger sense of belonging than there was before and that’s especially important these days.

Christopher Boyle

Going to Edinburgh Rugby's own ground, being sat with family, friends, colleagues and supporters who share the same passion for the club. It's a safe and enjoyable venue I can take my rugby mad 9 year old daughter to, the stadium that she already sees as the home of Edinburgh Rugby.

Being able to go to a venue that feels safe and inviting (and noisy!) in this world of COVID were we live and having a young daughter, those are key, and in the whole that is achieved.

There is a connection to the club and the players, and we are fortunate to see our names as part of the new era.

Elaine Hogan

That’s an easy one.

After years of being in BT Murrayfield and temporary residence in other places, going to the DAM is going home. It’s our home and the place we can connect with our ‘boys’.

Brian Dalgleish

It means a trip to a place where we are all welcome no matter what

It means a trip to where are all one big family there to cheer to on our team in our home

It means a place where for 3 hours or so I can forget about all the other issues I am going thru and dealing with

It means a trip to my happy place

It means meeting old friends and creating new friendships

It means happiness no matter the result of the match

As a fan it makes me feel appreciated in life

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