Cockerill - It was disappointing to fall away

Cockerill - It was disappointing to fall away

Head Coach Richard Cockerill says it was 'disappointing to fall away' as Cardiff Blues put in a dominant second-half showing to claim a 34-15 win at Arms Park, but insists he was proud of his side's efforts throughout the 80 minute contest.

The hosts scored four second-half tries to secure a bonus-point win in a match that Edinburgh led 3-10 at the break.

The capital club showed flashes of brilliance - with George Taylor grabbing a brace of scores - but at times struggled to match the hosts intensity as bodies tired in the second-half.

"Cardiff had a great second half and we just couldn’t cope physically, we struggled and they took advantage of it," said Cockerill.

"I thought my team worked hard and we stayed in the game. We could have come back, but we just weren’t good enough in the end.

"We lost some players to injury, we were already struggling with some guys missing and we just weren’t good enough unfortunately.

"I was proud of the effort from the guys tonight, we did some really good things, we were in the game at half-time - more than in the game at half time, but it’s disappointing to fall away.

"When these guys get tired, we just don’t have the calibre in the squad at the moment to then step up because you’re looking at guys that are 4th and 5th in your depth charts - but that’s life and we’ll be better for it. Dust ourselves off and, you know me, I’m always up for a battle."

The loss in Cardiff means Edinburgh are unable to qualify for next season's Heineken Champions Cup, despite still having two fixtures to play in Conference B.

Cockerill insist his side will be ready to compete next season, however, saying 'how we deal with this is the mark of the team and the group.'

"Ultimately you get what you deserve," continued Cockerill.

"We haven’t been good enough over the season, we haven’t had our international players for two-thirds of the season, we’re a small squad with a small budget that lose 12-14 guys to test matches and there’s been as many test matches as league games. You have to just deal with the reality of that.

"We’d have liked to have played better at times, but we haven’t been good enough and we’ll re-group and we’ll come back next season and we’ll have another bash at it - that’s just life, you have to show some character and deal with these disappointments.

"It’s disappointing, but how we deal with that is the mark of the team and the group."

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