Blair: "The players really stepped up."

Blair: "The players really stepped up."

Head Coach Mike Blair reacts to his team's scintillating win against Cardiff Rugby at DAM Health Stadium, with the home side scoring five tries on the way to a 34-10 bonus point victory, putting them top of the URC standings.

On playing after a forced break

"You never really know what’s going to happen, because it had been four weeks since our last game. What I’m learning from these players is that they thrive in these situations, and they really stepped up tonight."

On taking top spot

"It’s not something that I’m focussed on, the way that the fixtures have gone means that the second half of the league will be tougher. We’ll have more away games, and some games against some quality Irish and Welsh opposition.

"We’re pleased with where we are, getting points on the board early is excellent, but we don’t want to get carried away. There was some great stuff out there, but there was also a five-minute period that we’ll have some learning to do."

On squad togetherness

"I spoke to the guys in the huddle after and didn’t speak about the game at all. I spoke about the non-23, because the noise they made and backing the guys who had taken their position was outstanding.

"It pushes us in the right direction of what I want us to be as a club, I want everyone striving to be as good as we can be.

"I talked about that bond that we’re creating, and that atmosphere we’re trying to create in the squad."

On Edinburgh's brand of rugby

"We’re trying to allow guys to make decisions based on what they see, and I saw that in the first half.

"It might have been easier to kick the ball, but we saw an opportunity and we shifted it and made a break in the wide channels. We’re heading in the right direction, but there’s still plenty to do."

On Ramiro Moyano and Emiliano Boffelli

"Ramiro and Emiliano are both really good guys. Ramiro arrived late into pre-season and played a warm-up game without knowing any plays, but then came in and was outstanding in the Dragons game.

"The boys love him. I likened him to Derrick Lee, and saw that again today, he made some ridiculous breaks.

"Emiliano’s English isn’t as good, and he’s a different character, but he’s so passionate about his rugby and the boys, and getting to know them and working together, putting his body on the line. They are two great guys to have."

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