Blair: "We need to be more clinical."

Blair: "We need to be more clinical."

Get reaction from Head Coach Mike Blair following Edinburgh Rugby's 10-16 defeat to Ulster at DAM Health Stadium in Round 17 of the United Rugby Championship.

On his reaction to the defeat

"We're really frustrated. I spoke to the guys there how proud I was of the second-half comeback and we obviously got really close to stealing it at the end there.

"It probably would have been a little bit of a steal, considering what happened in the first-half, but really proud of the guys and we came up a little short in the end."

On falling behind in the first-half

"Unfortunately our discipline let us down in the first-half. We let them piggyback up the pitch with one, two, three penalties in-a-row which gave them field position.

"I felt we looked really dangerous in attack in that first-half. We created three clear cut opportunities that on another day we would have taken, but unfortunately we didn't do that."

On falling just short in the final minute

"It's a difficult one losing that home record here. To be a foot away from scoring at the end there, we just need to be a little more clinical and I need to prepare the guys a little bit better in and around those scenarios.

"It is harder to score when its wet, because you lose the threat of playing to the backs a little more. On clearer, crisper day with no rain, you can manipulate a defence a little bit more.

"They defended well, but I need to look at what we're doing in that area of the pitch."

On Dave Cherry's battling performance

"Dave was brilliant. I wouldn't usually single out people in the group environment, but he deserves all the praise he gets.

"We thought he had broken his arm and he was really struggling. We had asked him just to throw the ball in and keep an edge and try not to get involved."

"Five minutes after that he was involved more than he had been and the ball seemed to follow him around. That epitomised what we want to be as a team. To put everything on the line for the jersey."

On preparing for Wasps next

"We did come up just a bit short, but we have qualified for the play-off with the losing bonus-point. So it's a start.

"It's really important how we manage this period. We're looking to give the guys Sunday and Monday off and just let the refresh a little bit.

"This time of the season, we don't need to be doing huge amounts of fitness work, but there are definite parts of our game we need to tidy up so we come out singing against Wasps next Saturday."

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