Blair: "We gave Ospreys opportunities"

Blair: "We gave Ospreys opportunities"

Get the Quick Hits from Head Coach Mike Blair, as he spoke to media after Edinburgh's 23-19 loss at the hands of the Ospreys.

On what went wrong in the second half

They were just a bit smarter than us in that second half.

We talked at half time about having the better of them in our kicking game but we went away from it and we gave Ospreys opportunities and they took them.

Stephen Myler is going to kick his kicks all day and they controlled the game better than us so we need the team to game manage a bit better but all credit to Ospreys, they did it really well.

On the turning points in the game

There’s all sorts. We talk about winning the moments within the team and every moment that you have in the game, make it the most important thing you’re going to do and we lost a few of them today.

There were a few individual errors, a few collective errors where we lacked decisiveness and we didn’t deserve to win and Ospreys did. I thought they finished the game off well.

On taking learnings from the game

There are always learnings. When you win, when you lose, and part of the game and part of the journey is making sure you learn from the mistakes and you get better the next week. The issue is if you keep making the same mistakes.

We’ll have a good look at it and see where we can put it right.

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