Blair: "We can build on what we’ve done here."

Blair: "We can build on what we’ve done here."

Get the latest from Head Coach Mike Blair as he spoke with media following Saturday's 15-9 URC defeat to Emirates Lions in Johannesburg.

On the flow of the game

"We were obviously disappointed with the no-try decision with Blair Kinghorn. We believe we had managed the game really well up until that stage and that would have given us a nice buffer.

"We lost a little bit of momentum after that. But I do think it was the right decision. It shouldn’t have been a try.

"I felt the TMO was particularly eagle-eyed on one side of the game.

"But we spoke a little bit of it being a missed opportunity. We thought we played some decent stuff, but we weren’t quite on our game tonight.

"When you drop off even by five per cent, a quality team like the Lions will make you pay. They were really dangerous on turnover attack."

On decisions not going Edinburgh's way

"I’m always conscious of saying something like this because I don’t want it to be the story.

‘But I felt like they spent a lot of time looking for issues that we’d done. They spent about three minutes trying to find a high tackle that was made when our player was on his knees.

"There were other ones as well where we sifted through footage for ages trying to look at things.

"We had a couple of clear-cut headshots and a no-arms tackle which weren’t looked at. But I don’t want that to be the story.

"We got the rub of the green in different ways last week against the Sharks. So things do go in swings and roundabouts at times.

"We just needed to be a little bit more clinical and we could have won this game."

On taking five points out of the two-week tour

"If you said before the trip, it’s not that you’d have taken it because then you’re not being ambitious enough. But five points isn’t bad, we still got a bonus point out of that game.

"It still keeps us in the hunt. This is a tough league. There’s still lots to play for in the URC. We’ve got a couple of European games still to come hopefully and we’ll be back at home.

"South Africa is an extremely tough place to come and play rugby. But we can build on what we’ve done here. There’s plenty left in the season with some big home games to come."

On injuries

"Yeah, everyone seemed to be OK. I think the guys will be alright. There didn’t seem to be anyone who was struggling with injuries.

"We were probably fortunate with the weather. Obviously the altitude issue doesn’t go away. But it was really just a cool, Scottish summer’s evening in terms of the heat."

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