Bennett handed three-week ban

Bennett handed three-week ban

​Centre Mark Bennett has been suspended for a period of three weeks after receiving a red card in last weekend's Guinness PRO14 Rainbow Cup Round 2 clash with Glasgow Warriors.

Bennett was shown a red card by referee Adam Jones (WRU) under Law 9.13 – A player must not tackle an opponent early, late or dangerously.

Dangerous tackling includes, but is not limited to, tackling or attempting to tackle an opponent above the lie of the shoulders even if the tackle starts below the line of the shoulders.

The Disciplinary process for the red card offence was presided over by Judicial Officer Declan Goodwin (WRU) who concluded that a mid-range offence had occurred, which carries a six-week suspension.

Having considered all the evidence, a reduction of three weeks was applied. The player is suspended from participating in the next three meaningful matches.

Should a game be cancelled or postponed during this window of games, the player and PRO14 are to submit updated fixtures to the Disciplinary Panel so the return date can be advised.

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