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Glasgow 7s 2014 table

1Scotland 7s541097:36610013
2Australia 7s321077:4037007
3Spain 7s312036:76-40005
4Canada 7s110010:73003
6South Africa 7s10107:12-5001
7Fiji 7s00000:00000
<p>Full fixtures and results information is available from&nbsp;<a href=""></a>.</p>

Port Elizabeth 7s table

1Scotland 7s514081:95-140411
2USA 7s110026:197104
3Argentina 7s110024:195104
4Fiji 7s110019:127003
5Canada 7s110014:122003
6France 7s101012:19-7012

Emirates Airline Glasgow 7s table

1Scotland 7s523083:91-80110
2New Zealand 7s330099:594009
3England 7s321080:3842007
4Kenya 7s110024:195003
5Portugal 7s30305:112-107003
6Spain 7s10105:31-26001

IRB Rugby World Cup 7s 2013: Pool B table

1South Africa 7s3300105:0105009
2Scotland 7s321040:63-23007
3Japan 7s302134:69-35015
4Russia 7s302122:69-47004
<p>The results of this pool will determine which teams the Scotland 7s will face in the <a class="link-arrow" href="/fixtures-results/?competition=90354">knock-out stages</a> of the tournament.</p>

Glasgow 7s 2014 Day 1 table

1Scotland 7s330078:1959009
2Australia 7s321077:4037006
3Spain 7s312036:76-40003

Gold Coast 7s: Pool D table

1Australia 7s00000:00000
2Samoa 7s00000:00000
3Argentina 7s00000:00000
4Scotland 7s00000:00000

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