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BT East League Division 2 Top 6 table

1Barnton RFC4400231:341973083
2Ross High RFC 4310145:74713079
3Hawick Linden RFC 5230102:158-563164
4Langholm RFC 413033:99-660158
5Edinburgh University Medics 514020:171-1510141
6Trinity Academicals RFC *211031:2650038

* A points deduction has been applied.

BT East League Division 2 table

1Barnton RFC1313001099:10399612064
2Ross High RFC 141310669:8558411164
3Langholm RFC 131120519:1823378153
4Hawick Linden RFC 141040619:25036910252
5Trinity Academicals RFC 14950416:2741428246
6Edinburgh University Medics 14770380:356246236
7Gala YM RFC 14770362:506-1448036
8Earlston RFC 14770306:495-1895336
9Penicuik RFC 14770318:413-954133
10Leith Rugby Club 14590303:514-2116228
11Inverleith *14680261:542-2815128
12Edinburgh Northern RFC 143110304:424-1205421
13Dalkeith *143110235:529-2944115
14Lismore RFC 142120213:572-3593314
15Liberton FP RFC *14113083:842-759100

* A points deduction has been applied.

BT East Region League 2 table

1Broughton RFC131201502:17632612062
2Portobello FP 131120544:14839610155
4Trinity Academicals RFC 13922369:2341356046
5Hawick Linden RFC 13931355:279764042
6Leith Rugby Club 13760346:366-207136
7Edinburgh Northern RFC 13760307:226815235
8Lismore RFC 13670286:28514129
9Edinburgh University Medics 13490275:369-944121
11Langholm RFC *13580246:405-1595020
12Earlston RFC *133100214:530-3163013
13Gala YM RFC *132110196:381-185137
14Liberton FP RFC 130130177:371-194235

* A points deduction has been applied.

BT East Region League 2 b table

1Edinburgh Northern RFC 7520127:117102158
2Lismore RFC 7340189:151384146
3Langholm RFC 7430183:96875243
4Edinburgh University Medics 7250149:207-583234
5Liberton FP RFC 7610134:71632031
7Earlston RFC 7340170:145253230
8Gala YM RFC 7340113:175-622021
Points totals are a composite of points gained in East League 2 added to points gained in East League 2b. Wins, losses and draws do not necessarily correlate to the totals displayed in this league table.

BT East regional League Division 3. table

1Earlston RFC 11920447:1722758044
2Gala YM RFC *11920519:12539410142
3Lismore RFC 10640358:2061527132
4RDVC RFC *11560345:274713122
5Edinburgh University Medics 8350214:192223318
6Walkerburn RFC *9270107:513-406208
7Queensferry RFC *10190100:608-508103

* A points deduction has been applied.

BT East Regional Bowl. table

1Earlston RFC 5320175:85903217
2Gala YM RFC *5500142:55872015
3Lismore RFC 5230171:11853109
4Edinburgh University Medics 422088:862019
5Walkerburn RFC 413056:226-170004
6RDVC RFC *514075:137-62013

* A points deduction has been applied.

BT East Region Bowl table

1Portobello FP 330095:25700012
2Lismore RFC 321072:4032019
3RDVC RFC 321080:6614008
4Caledonian Thebans211028:53-25004
5Queensferry RFC 101019:21-2011
6Liberton FP RFC 101015:20-5011
8Walkerburn RFC 10100:28-28000
9Edinburgh University Medics 10100:28-28000

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