Fixtures & Results

Sat 27 Apr 2019
15:00Preston Lodge RFC29 - 50Biggar RFC

Re-scheduled from 13th and 20th April - Preston Lodge non-fulfilment.
15:00Stewart's Melville RFC29 - 45Highland RFC

Provisionally re-scheduled from 16th March (Highland Travel Issues)
Sat 20 Apr 2019
15:00Preston Lodge RFCU - UBiggar RFC
Insufficient players: home team.
Preston Lodge sanctioned 4 points for 2nd non-fulfilment. Re-scheduled from 13th April (Preston Lodge non-fulfilment)
15:00Peebles RFC55 - 12Falkirk RFC

Re-scheduled from 16th March (Waterlogged Pitch)
Sat 13 Apr 2019
15:00Highland RFC77 - 12Howe of Fife RFC

Re-scheduled from 30th March due to Highland Cup tie.
15:00Preston Lodge RFCU - UBiggar RFC
Insufficient front row players home.
Re-scheduled to 20th April. Preston Lodge sanctioned 3 points for non-fulfilment. Re-scheduled from 16th March (Waterlogged Pitch)
Tue 9 Apr 2019
19:00Dumfries Saints RFC45 - 36Howe of Fife RFC

At GHA RFC, Braidholm, Glasgow. Re-scheduled from 16th March (Waterlogged Pitch)
Sat 6 Apr 2019
15:00Peebles RFC5 - 16Highland RFC

Re-scheduled from 12th January (Highland dispensation)
15:00Howe of Fife RFC7 - 27Preston Lodge RFC

Re-scheduled from 19th January (frozen pitch)
15:00Lasswade RFC19 - 21Glasgow Academicals RFC

Re-scheduled from 16th March (Pitch)
Sat 30 Mar 2019
15:00Preston Lodge RFC31 - 21Lasswade RFC
15:00Glasgow Academicals RFC33 - 20GHK
15:00Peebles RFC7 - 25Biggar RFC
15:00Dumfries Saints RFC52 - 12Whitecraigs Rugby Club
15:00Stewart's Melville RFC57 - 10Falkirk RFC
Sat 23 Mar 2019
15:00Howe of Fife RFC17 - 36Stewart's Melville RFC
15:00Falkirk RFC15 - 41Dumfries Saints RFC
15:00Whitecraigs Rugby Club20 - 32Peebles RFC
15:00Biggar RFC52 - 5GHK
15:00Glasgow Academicals RFC30 - 12Preston Lodge RFC
15:00Lasswade RFC16 - 25Highland RFC
Sat 16 Mar 2019
14:30Peebles RFCP - PFalkirk RFC
Match postponed (extreme weather)
15:00Lasswade RFCP - PGlasgow Academicals RFC
Match postponed (waterlogged pitch)
15:00Preston Lodge RFCP - PBiggar RFC
Match postponed (extreme weather)
15:00Dumfries Saints RFCP - PHowe of Fife RFC
Match postponed (waterlogged pitch)
15:00Stewart's Melville RFCP - PHighland RFC
Match postponed (extreme weather)
Fri 15 Mar 2019
20:00GHK34 - 3Whitecraigs Rugby Club
Sat 2 Mar 2019
15:00Howe of Fife RFC3 - 24Peebles RFC
15:00Falkirk RFC15 - 13GHK
15:00Whitecraigs Rugby Club3 - 34Preston Lodge RFC
15:00Biggar RFC14 - 6Lasswade RFC
15:00Stewart's Melville RFC48 - 10Dumfries Saints RFC
15:00Highland RFC29 - 7Glasgow Academicals RFC
Sat 23 Feb 2019
13:00Dumfries Saints RFC29 - 19Preston Lodge RFC

Provisionally re-scheduled from 15th December (Pitch)
14:00Highland RFC93 - 5Whitecraigs Rugby Club

Re-scheduled from 15th December (Whitecraigs Travel)
Sat 26 Jan 2019
14:00Glasgow Academicals RFC10 - 26Biggar RFC
14:00Lasswade RFC33 - 0Whitecraigs Rugby Club
14:00Dumfries Saints RFC10 - 3Highland RFC
14:30Peebles RFC25 - 17Stewart's Melville RFC
15:00Preston Lodge RFC57 - 15Falkirk RFC
15:00GHK24 - 19Howe of Fife RFC
Sat 19 Jan 2019
14:00Howe of Fife RFCP - PPreston Lodge RFC
Match postponed (frozen pitch)
14:00Falkirk RFC20 - 12Lasswade RFC
14:00Whitecraigs Rugby Club28 - 25Glasgow Academicals RFC
14:00Dumfries Saints RFC29 - 28Peebles RFC
14:00Stewart's Melville RFC33 - 19GHK
14:00Highland RFC10 - 12Biggar RFC
Sat 12 Jan 2019
14:00Biggar RFC69 - 7Whitecraigs Rugby Club
14:00Glasgow Academicals RFC26 - 17Falkirk RFC
14:00Lasswade RFC24 - 22Howe of Fife RFC
15:00Preston Lodge RFC21 - 27Stewart's Melville RFC
15:00GHK17 - 25Dumfries Saints RFC
15:00Peebles RFCP - PHighland RFC
Match postponed (other)
Highland Dispensation - Re-scheduled to 6th April
Sat 5 Jan 2019
14:00Whitecraigs Rugby Club21 - 53Dumfries Saints RFC

Re-scheduled from 9th November (match abandoned due to player injury)
14:00Howe of Fife RFC26 - 29Glasgow Academicals RFC

Re-scheduled from 15th December (Pitch)
14:00Falkirk RFC5 - 45Biggar RFC

Re-scheduled from 15th December (Pitch)
15:00Peebles RFC38 - 7GHK

Re-scheduled from 15th December (Pitch)
Sat 15 Dec 2018
14:00Howe of Fife RFCP - PGlasgow Academicals RFC
Match postponed (frozen pitch)
14:00Falkirk RFCP - PBiggar RFC
Match postponed (frozen pitch)
14:00Dumfries Saints RFCP - PPreston Lodge RFC
Match postponed (frozen pitch)
14:00Stewart's Melville RFC58 - 7Lasswade RFC
14:00Highland RFCP - PWhitecraigs Rugby Club
Match postponed (extreme weather)
15:00Peebles RFCP - PGHK
Match postponed (frozen pitch)
Re-scheduled to 5th January
Sat 8 Dec 2018
14:00Whitecraigs Rugby Club23 - 10Falkirk RFC
14:00Biggar RFC57 - 3Howe of Fife RFC
14:00Glasgow Academicals RFC8 - 13Stewart's Melville RFC
14:00Lasswade RFC25 - 29Dumfries Saints RFC
15:00Preston Lodge RFC24 - 22Peebles RFC
15:00GHK14 - 28Highland RFC
Sat 1 Dec 2018
14:00Howe of Fife RFC36 - 22Whitecraigs Rugby Club
14:00Dumfries Saints RFC27 - 14Glasgow Academicals RFC
14:00Stewart's Melville RFC0 - 31Biggar RFC
14:00Highland RFC32 - 14Falkirk RFC
15:00GHK20 - 25Preston Lodge RFC
15:00Peebles RFC34 - 7Lasswade RFC
Sat 17 Nov 2018
13:00Whitecraigs Rugby Club22 - 50Stewart's Melville RFC
13:00Preston Lodge RFC17 - 36Highland RFC
14:00Falkirk RFC60 - 14Howe of Fife RFC
14:00Biggar RFC39 - 0Dumfries Saints RFC
14:00Glasgow Academicals RFC22 - 20Peebles RFC
14:00Lasswade RFC29 - 7GHK
Sat 10 Nov 2018
12:30Biggar RFC7 - 10Peebles RFC
12:30Falkirk RFC25 - 49Stewart's Melville RFC
12:30Howe of Fife RFC19 - 69Highland RFC
Fri 9 Nov 2018
19:30Lasswade RFC29 - 28Preston Lodge RFC
19:30GHK6 - 5Glasgow Academicals RFC
19:45Whitecraigs Rugby ClubDumfries Saints RFC

Injury after 43 minutes - match abandoned. Provisionally re-scheduled to 5th January.
Sat 3 Nov 2018
14:00Stewart's Melville RFC86 - 7Howe of Fife RFC
14:00Dumfries Saints RFC21 - 3Falkirk RFC
14:00Preston Lodge RFC45 - 19Glasgow Academicals RFC
14:00Highland RFC41 - 10Lasswade RFC
15:00Peebles RFC29 - 19Whitecraigs Rugby Club
15:00GHK7 - 61Biggar RFC
Sat 27 Oct 2018
15:00Glasgow Academicals RFC22 - 19Lasswade RFC
15:00Biggar RFC49 - 0Preston Lodge RFC
15:00Whitecraigs Rugby Club18 - 25GHK
15:00Falkirk RFC25 - 19Peebles RFC
15:00Howe of Fife RFC36 - 71Dumfries Saints RFC
15:00Highland RFC36 - 5Stewart's Melville RFC
Sat 20 Oct 2018
15:00Peebles RFC62 - 7Howe of Fife RFC
15:00GHK17 - 36Falkirk RFC
15:00Preston Lodge RFC51 - 34Whitecraigs Rugby Club
15:00Lasswade RFC7 - 67Biggar RFC
15:00Dumfries Saints RFC41 - 26Stewart's Melville RFC
15:00Glasgow Academicals RFC18 - 26Highland RFC
Sat 13 Oct 2018
15:00Biggar RFC47 - 7Glasgow Academicals RFC
15:00Whitecraigs Rugby Club17 - 14Lasswade RFC
15:00Falkirk RFC20 - 21Preston Lodge RFC
15:00Howe of Fife RFC19 - 19GHK
15:00Stewart's Melville RFC22 - 7Peebles RFC
15:00Highland RFC22 - 8Dumfries Saints RFC
Sat 6 Oct 2018
15:00Peebles RFC15 - 15Dumfries Saints RFC
15:00GHK7 - 46Stewart's Melville RFC
15:00Biggar RFC22 - 7Highland RFC
15:00Preston Lodge RFC71 - 13Howe of Fife RFC
15:00Lasswade RFC35 - 62Falkirk RFC
15:00Glasgow Academicals RFC26 - 26Whitecraigs Rugby Club
Sat 29 Sep 2018
15:00Whitecraigs Rugby Club20 - 22Biggar RFC
15:00Falkirk RFC20 - 19Glasgow Academicals RFC
15:00Howe of Fife RFC52 - 22Lasswade RFC
15:00Stewart's Melville RFC24 - 22Preston Lodge RFC
15:00Dumfries Saints RFC41 - 12GHK
15:00Highland RFC22 - 15Peebles RFC
Sat 22 Sep 2018
14:00Whitecraigs Rugby Club15 - 47Highland RFC
15:00Glasgow Academicals RFC40 - 31Howe of Fife RFC
15:00Biggar RFC58 - 7Falkirk RFC
15:00GHK38 - 31Peebles RFC
15:00Preston Lodge RFC29 - 21Dumfries Saints RFC
15:00Lasswade RFC13 - 17Stewart's Melville RFC
Sat 15 Sep 2018
15:00Falkirk RFC31 - 47Whitecraigs Rugby Club
15:00Howe of Fife RFC14 - 65Biggar RFC
15:00Stewart's Melville RFC40 - 15Glasgow Academicals RFC
15:00Dumfries Saints RFC87 - 7Lasswade RFC
15:00Peebles RFC19 - 15Preston Lodge RFC
15:00Highland RFC45 - 20GHK
Sat 8 Sep 2018
15:00Whitecraigs Rugby Club52 - 46Howe of Fife RFC
15:00Preston Lodge RFC56 - 19GHK
15:00Lasswade RFC8 - 14Peebles RFC
15:00Glasgow Academicals RFC12 - 64Dumfries Saints RFC
15:00Biggar RFC36 - 3Stewart's Melville RFC
15:00Falkirk RFC20 - 19Highland RFC
Sat 1 Sep 2018
15:00Howe of Fife RFC5 - 31Falkirk RFC
15:00Stewart's Melville RFC27 - 21Whitecraigs Rugby Club
15:00Dumfries Saints RFC5 - 17Biggar RFC
15:00Peebles RFC27 - 12Glasgow Academicals RFC
15:00GHK48 - 15Lasswade RFC
15:00Highland RFC37 - 13Preston Lodge RFC
1Biggar RFC222110871:169702161101
2Highland RFC221840765:30645916391
3Dumfries Saints RFC221651724:45626813079
4Stewart's Melville RFC221660713:44526814078
5Peebles RFC221291538:37216610666
6Preston Lodge RFC2212100647:54410314459
7Glasgow Academicals RFC228131420:588-1688446
8Falkirk RFC229130473:685-2126143
10Whitecraigs Rugby Club225161435:839-4046331
11Lasswade RFC224180378:716-3384626
12Howe of Fife RFC222191444:1013-5697421

Preston Lodge have received a points sanction

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